Offsite with Team White

as seen by Mike…

Team White kicked off their highly anticipated, much talked about 3×3 bonanza with a brand new PPT Template, and an impressive Milk-Carton based metaphor.

– Full Strength –

Miles “RE:” Joyce began proceedings with a highly informative, in-joke riddled summary of the Executive Board away days. Laying out the renewed vision for White, our fearless, peerless and (temporarily) beerless leader reminded us why we’re so highly regarded within the industry, and what it’s going to take to keep us out in front. He also completely abused the all-staff email system to win a bet with Groges.

– Lo-Fat –

Sandy “where the hell did I” Park presented some highly falsified figures from the latest Staff Survey, which quite frankly freaked everybody the hell out. While we were busy working out how to respond to the prospect of no longer getting our b’day off (“is it ok to gasp? I really feel like gasping…”), everyone’s favourite Chump pulled back the curtain, revealing the real results of the staff survey. These results revealed many things. But mainly, they revealed that when Sandy’s not escorting questionable employment choices from the building, he’s pretty handy with statistics.

– Homogenised –

Savoury Galvo tucked us in and read an inspiring Dr Seuss bedtime story – reminding us of the things we’ve done, the places we’ll go, and how, if we work really, really hard, we too can take a 2 year long golf playing sabbatical.

– Anything but Soy –

Matthew-biquitous Grogan prophesied the future of the digital medium using the latest… um.. was it a plug in? Anyway, it was impressive and apparently there are more details of Ubiquity on our blog somewhere. Armed with the ability to email-this, find-this, ebay-this, buy-this and translate-this, Groges demonstrated how easy it was for him to go salsa-dancing with Sandy, and also that the difference between Anger Management and People Management is about three Asahi’s.

– Added Punch –

Wrapping it up was Katie, who unlike Sandy (Chump), made the smart choice of retaining creative control over her own slides. The result was Simplicity in both name and nature, and served as a reminder that clients are like our mum’s, consumers are like our wives, and Pos_ers will be Prosecuted.

Finally, The RGB Award.

Dan took the honours this week (Ridiculously Gargantuan Bum), after keeping the faith on the Tourism Australia Media RFQ, and powering through the last few days juggling a new baby (er.. not literally) and his usual client service responsibilities.

It should also be noted that Belinda narrowly missed out on her first RGB, after a remarkable turnaround in timesheet performance.


2 responses to “Offsite with Team White

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  2. great shite. keep it coming.

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