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An ode to Team Green

As seen by Minstrel Mike (yep, it rhymes)…

Team Green got started and quickly subdued us,
with their front man, their go-guy, Mr George LOLcat Sued Us.
His wireframes made me want something to eat,
since they looked like a pizza (extra cheese, extra meat).
But the Biotherm visuals were nothing but class
(except when George photoshopped himself with his hand on the…
centre of the website)

Innappropriate photoshopped images aside,
Green had started off well, now they gathered their stride.

A photo of Cernz (when he turned 61)
kicked off the Tourism Media fun.
He’s truly a man who has plenty to say
so for this “project prestigious”, he put on display
(with, i might add, not a hint of pomposity)
an informative graph, charting syn-of-the-gosity.

Cernz mapped out the journey this project had travelled.
Yes, it all held together, it never unravelled.
It’s impressive to see all the parts of a team
when they synergise, leaving no trace of a seam.
Gwyneth would have been proud, and Cernz could have said more,
but the figity window was now a sleek, sliding door.

Next up, a preso from young Jamie Musk
who’s task was to carve out a workable husk
we could populate with any Aussie campaign.
The client was stoked, so we popped the champagne.

Then Dan told us something that everyone knows
— a surf on the web’s like a drink from a hose.
But he has the answer — the Evernote App
which helps you sift out all the gold from the crap.
The text recognition seemed really quite smart,
as it helps you catch news at the point of impart.
Don’t want to take notes? You can whip out your Moto,
and capture it all just by taking a photo.

Rounding it out was Sir Jeff de la Gouj,
(who’s calves have been labelled “incredibly huge”).
He showed us a website referred to as Twine
where, if you show me your links, I guess i’ll show you mine.

The curtain was dropping, and Team Green were spent,
only one task remained in their Thursday event.
To hand out the coveted RGB hat:
on whose head, we mused, would the helmet be sat?
It wasn’t a shock when they unveiled the winner:
Fabulous – Well-deserved. Champion. Grinner.

PS. The last thing I want is to cause you to stammer,

but suss out this sweet mini-match report on yammer.


Are you ready?

These two photos of Mike say it all really.
Mike spoke about two things he’s really passionate about. Those being comics and the digital world and what happens when the two collide. Below Superhero Mike testing out his skills of flight from the Harbor Bridge.

Mikes links here. Check them out again…now.

Emile took us through MacDonald’s social/environmental/health efforts in France as expressed through the below site. He also told us there is “no water when you pee”.

Is it him?

Moshi Monsters Once a monster is adopted within the game, it’s up to the user to nurture it and be responsible for its wellbeing, creating what the site’s founder, Michael Acton Smith, hopes is an emotional connection between pet and user, reinforced as the monster develops throughout the game.

Theeeeen…Ellie loves image searches so she took us through her detailed process looking for that perfect imaaaaage.

In Ellies words:

Image searches can turn up some pretty random stuff sometimes (some stuff which isn’t always the best to see), but for most generic searches using site’s like gettyimages or jupiter you are overall pretty safe.

Search for ‘diversified’.

Google images: Gettyimages or jupiter:

Before starting know what the brief asks’ of you. Eg: I’m searching for an image using the key word ‘diversified’. Diversity for my brief covers: manufacturing, retail and roof & beverages.

A guide to image searching:
Step 1: or (and yes there are many others)
Step 2: Search ‘diversity’ with RF selected.
Think hmmmm that isn’t right? How can a cereal bowl work for a financial institution like CBA?
Step 3: Let’s try searching within the results so far for ‘business’
Ok now things are looking better. hmmmm 16,773 images to choose from. The next hour is going to be AWESOME!!! Maybe we could refine the search even further?
Step 4: Let’s try searching further within the results for ‘corporate’
GREAT! Only 847 images to pick from now. I must be getting closer to the perfect image…
I have gone through 15 pages of images and none adhere to brand or answer my brief. Pooo
REPEAT steps 1 to 4 using new key words like ‘retail’ + ‘shopping trolley’ + row and try using to help narrow down the search. 3 days later I have gone through over 30,000 + images and I’m only half way through…

and this is the photo it came up with:

Which brings us to Heath.

Heath won the 3×3 Helmet. For Rarely Gone B49. Heath’s a hard working lad.
Belinda seems just a little concerned, tho’ See the past helmet heros here.

Team Blue in Haiku

Heath – Papa Smurf

Tourism Oz,
Steep curve learn well.
Red dot CMS.

Lauren – Smurfette

Refreshing liquid,
Break free of desklunch,
SMS banner.

Sam – Sassette Smurf

Lightbulb changing,
Creativity has a lot of syllables,
Seek big idea.

Sarah – Handy Smurf

Learn to love timesheets,
My work is interesting damn you,
You brush teeth now.

VB – Snappy Smurf

Coolhunter, Coolhunter,
Coolhunter, Coolhunter, Coolhunter,
Coolhunter, Coolhunter.

Alister – Poet Smurf

Star Wars storyteller,
Beware of the convoluted prequel,
Polish golden dookie.

Sooo I may not have stuck to the pure Haiku structure. Next time it’ll be limericks.

RGB award,
Bertie of the Mathew
Really Good Ballskills.

Pitch in three minutes,
Christmas Google MapsMashup thingy,
Team Blue win everything.

Till next time…

Everyone looks good in Black.

as seen by Mike…

After an unprecedented, never to be repeated one week hiatus for the 3×3 juggernaut, Team Black returned to the stage. You could see by the look in their eyes: this team was psyched.

They began in dramatic fashion.

Stalking around the chalk outline of Credibility was Detective Luke Sandral. His chilling investigation into the pitfalls of Copy Errors served as a stern warning to all aspiring copywriters of how important it is to write right.

Right? Right.

Then “Pepper” Romi (PR) issued a PR on PR, seeking to sell us all on the idea of selling ourselves (try saying that 3 times fast). Though her content was compelling, it clearly had no affect on me, and the fact that I just registered as the URL for my soon to be released blog is a total a coincidence.

But I digress.

Now, apparently there’s more to Australian IDOL than just identifying good-looking pop singers. As Kathleen “I’ll take the” Hyland explained, IDOL also generates an impressive income by driving high volume mobile phone usage of impressionable teens and 31 year old married guys (er… so I’ve heard).

Kathleen whizzed us through a simple, powerful preso on the current IDOL Content/Carrier relationships, and to be honest, she’s got my vote* and I’d be very surprised if she was in the bottom three this week.*charges apply at a rate of 55c per timesheet allocation segment

I’ve also decided to hire “Can I borrow your” Penn Lee as my own personal websurfer, after his wonderful examples of digital+real experiences. Each execution captured the atmosphere of the real environment it was promoting…

  • Like scrolling waaaaaaaay up a page about a huge skyscraper.
  • Or ordering food by dragging and dropping dinner selections onto a virtual plate in front of you.
  • Or being the front-man for an emo band while… oh wait. That was a dream I had… okaaaaaay….

Honorable Henrique Marassi knew the clock was against him, so he went for quality over quantity.

He focused on the new “tall” site for The Volkswagen Box (because as the site, and some of the guys that hang around the ground floor of my apartment block agree, “being High is much more fun”), and he had the crowd on the edge of their bonquettes, with each click revealing a cool, new idea.

Although it was a tall order (ha, “tall”… classic) to follow Rique, Panadeine Paul Jeffress did so in style.

He wrapped up Team Black’s variety show with a concept-drenched, painkiller-fueled vision of the future, in which he foretold that clients and agencies would one day be the same thing (we could call them “clagencies”).

It was truly inspired, and I, for one, was impressed… especially since the only thing Codeine Forte ever gave me was a hankering for Space-Food Sticks, and a 10-minute period where I thought I was a Flash Loading bar. Long story.

Overall, a very strong effort from Team Black.

If I was in Team Red, I’d be nervous about matching them next week.

Oh wait, I am in Team Red.


See you next week. And remember:

If 3’s a crowd, then 3x3’s a party.