Everyone looks good in Black.

as seen by Mike…

After an unprecedented, never to be repeated one week hiatus for the 3×3 juggernaut, Team Black returned to the stage. You could see by the look in their eyes: this team was psyched.

They began in dramatic fashion.

Stalking around the chalk outline of Credibility was Detective Luke Sandral. His chilling investigation into the pitfalls of Copy Errors served as a stern warning to all aspiring copywriters of how important it is to write right.

Right? Right.

Then “Pepper” Romi (PR) issued a PR on PR, seeking to sell us all on the idea of selling ourselves (try saying that 3 times fast). Though her content was compelling, it clearly had no affect on me, and the fact that I just registered mikeisawesome_andisalwaysright_sotellyourfriends.com as the URL for my soon to be released blog is a total a coincidence.

But I digress.

Now, apparently there’s more to Australian IDOL than just identifying good-looking pop singers. As Kathleen “I’ll take the” Hyland explained, IDOL also generates an impressive income by driving high volume mobile phone usage of impressionable teens and 31 year old married guys (er… so I’ve heard).

Kathleen whizzed us through a simple, powerful preso on the current IDOL Content/Carrier relationships, and to be honest, she’s got my vote* and I’d be very surprised if she was in the bottom three this week.*charges apply at a rate of 55c per timesheet allocation segment

I’ve also decided to hire “Can I borrow your” Penn Lee as my own personal websurfer, after his wonderful examples of digital+real experiences. Each execution captured the atmosphere of the real environment it was promoting…

  • Like scrolling waaaaaaaay up a page about a huge skyscraper.
  • Or ordering food by dragging and dropping dinner selections onto a virtual plate in front of you.
  • Or being the front-man for an emo band while… oh wait. That was a dream I had… okaaaaaay….

Honorable Henrique Marassi knew the clock was against him, so he went for quality over quantity.

He focused on the new “tall” site for The Volkswagen Box (because as the site, and some of the guys that hang around the ground floor of my apartment block agree, “being High is much more fun”), and he had the crowd on the edge of their bonquettes, with each click revealing a cool, new idea.

Although it was a tall order (ha, “tall”… classic) to follow Rique, Panadeine Paul Jeffress did so in style.

He wrapped up Team Black’s variety show with a concept-drenched, painkiller-fueled vision of the future, in which he foretold that clients and agencies would one day be the same thing (we could call them “clagencies”).

It was truly inspired, and I, for one, was impressed… especially since the only thing Codeine Forte ever gave me was a hankering for Space-Food Sticks, and a 10-minute period where I thought I was a Flash Loading bar. Long story.

Overall, a very strong effort from Team Black.

If I was in Team Red, I’d be nervous about matching them next week.

Oh wait, I am in Team Red.


See you next week. And remember:

If 3’s a crowd, then 3x3’s a party.


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