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An ode to Team Green

As seen by Minstrel Mike (yep, it rhymes)…

Team Green got started and quickly subdued us,
with their front man, their go-guy, Mr George LOLcat Sued Us.
His wireframes made me want something to eat,
since they looked like a pizza (extra cheese, extra meat).
But the Biotherm visuals were nothing but class
(except when George photoshopped himself with his hand on the…
centre of the website)

Innappropriate photoshopped images aside,
Green had started off well, now they gathered their stride.

A photo of Cernz (when he turned 61)
kicked off the Tourism Media fun.
He’s truly a man who has plenty to say
so for this “project prestigious”, he put on display
(with, i might add, not a hint of pomposity)
an informative graph, charting syn-of-the-gosity.

Cernz mapped out the journey this project had travelled.
Yes, it all held together, it never unravelled.
It’s impressive to see all the parts of a team
when they synergise, leaving no trace of a seam.
Gwyneth would have been proud, and Cernz could have said more,
but the figity window was now a sleek, sliding door.

Next up, a preso from young Jamie Musk
who’s task was to carve out a workable husk
we could populate with any Aussie campaign.
The client was stoked, so we popped the champagne.

Then Dan told us something that everyone knows
— a surf on the web’s like a drink from a hose.
But he has the answer — the Evernote App
which helps you sift out all the gold from the crap.
The text recognition seemed really quite smart,
as it helps you catch news at the point of impart.
Don’t want to take notes? You can whip out your Moto,
and capture it all just by taking a photo.

Rounding it out was Sir Jeff de la Gouj,
(who’s calves have been labelled “incredibly huge”).
He showed us a website referred to as Twine
where, if you show me your links, I guess i’ll show you mine.

The curtain was dropping, and Team Green were spent,
only one task remained in their Thursday event.
To hand out the coveted RGB hat:
on whose head, we mused, would the helmet be sat?
It wasn’t a shock when they unveiled the winner:
Fabulous – Well-deserved. Champion. Grinner.

PS. The last thing I want is to cause you to stammer,

but suss out this sweet mini-match report on yammer.