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Team Red in the house

So we have done a full rotation of 3×3 and whilst we need to have a full wrap up of the whole shebang thus far, we thought it would be good to start with regular a “match report”. These will be done weekly (preferably the next day). But hey this is the first one so give me a break.

First up it’s Team Red. It’s always a quality production from the illustrious and ever pre-pared Team Red, and this week was no exception. Team red were team red, or team red wore red. They looked great, in a primary kinda way. Team Red of course couldn’t let it stop there. They had… wait for it… a theme.

Music, sweet, sweet music.

In the digital world.

So anyway Team Red plugs their guitars in and they’re away.

Did each team member had their own theme song? and keeping the whole thing kicking along was MC Mikey B.

Part One. The local acts.

First act up on stage was Belinda P to the tuneful strains of “Highway to Hell”… Hell/Bel geddit? “No stop signs, speed limit, Nobody’s gonna slow me down…” Well that’s not completely true… that’s why we need things like Whereis Navigator. Belinda took us through this super sharp work just finished for Telstra. A nifty design and usability exercise in making the complex wonderfully simple and fluid. Yet to be released but look out for it on Telstra A-GPS enabled mobile devices soon.

“He got monkey finger, he shoot coca-cola” makes absolutely no sense. It is however one of the lyrics to The Beatles “Come Together” which was Eliana M’s theme song whilst she took us through the magical journey that is phase two of the Webolution project for CBA. If this project was an album it would have gone triple Platinum… It’s that good. Months of dedication has produced work that brings the CBA business site into the future.

I hope that someone gets my message (in a bottle) you might be saying as you are filling in a “send to friend form” in a campaign minisite you want to send to 100 of your closest mates. But how am I going to remember 100 email addresses. That’s where David C steps in and taps you shoulder as points to our wonderful new send feature that grabs all your addresses from all the major email sites and you’re good to go. You turn around to thank him and but he’s gone. Just like the magic in this great new feature.

Then we were halfway through the show already…

Part Two. The International acts.

Heavy K, The K Dawg, The Kmeister, Krazy Kev and his Krew... the one the only Kev (he’s like Madonna, no need for a surname). Now this was a trippy experience, some would call it a new sensation even. Kev did a three part opus on web optimisation. I cried all over my notes, I can’t read the words anymore. There are no words on this thing. It was brilliant.

Next on stage was Emile R to rock the house, and that he did all Idol sty-lee. No seriously, Emile gave a snapshot of the musical behemoth that is the Idol franchise and how it lives and breathes online in more countries than the united nations.

Then for the finale… it seems like it’s only just started

Rach M
is on the stage pumping up the Jam on some of the finest online music (as in live) /social destinations from the slick music.vodafone to the sticking it to the man Tennents Mutal to the interconnected cross-eyedness of the converse festivals… The crowd calls for an encore, but Team Red can’t. They’re spent.

Oh boy.

The RGB Award

To wrap things up for Team Red it’s FiFi O presenting the RGB award (which for this week is the RedDot Gifted Brainiac Award) for all-round upstanding topness which is awarded to… to… Donovan (Duncan, really but you know it goes with the theme). Donovan wins for is superhuman pitch winning techness which reduces him to tears whilst delivering a three hour acceptance speech. He then vows to buy us all a beer. I’d love to have a beer with Donovan.

Part Three. The Three Minute Pitch.

To take this puppy all the way to Mexico (the last bit) was the three minute pitch. This weeks pitch was for each team to tell us who there three dream clients would be. The only catch being there can’t be any conflicts of interest with our current clients. Apparently two teams couldn’t grasp this concept leading to there immediate disqualification.
In the end there was only going to be one winner any way and this week it was perpetual underdogs… Team Green. A great selection of clients and an entertaining presentation.

Judges feedback to follow.

That’s it. I think this match report is longer than the actual presentation was… next weeks may/will be a little shorter.
Hopefully we will have a scoreboard up by then with the teams standings as well.

Till next week.

PS: Sorry for the shocker photos, Fabian was hogging the camera doing some “work”