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Are you ready?

These two photos of Mike say it all really.
Mike spoke about two things he’s really passionate about. Those being comics and the digital world and what happens when the two collide. Below Superhero Mike testing out his skills of flight from the Harbor Bridge.

Mikes links here. Check them out again…now.

Emile took us through MacDonald’s social/environmental/health efforts in France as expressed through the below site. He also told us there is “no water when you pee”.

Is it him?

Moshi Monsters Once a monster is adopted within the game, it’s up to the user to nurture it and be responsible for its wellbeing, creating what the site’s founder, Michael Acton Smith, hopes is an emotional connection between pet and user, reinforced as the monster develops throughout the game.

Theeeeen…Ellie loves image searches so she took us through her detailed process looking for that perfect imaaaaage.

In Ellies words:

Image searches can turn up some pretty random stuff sometimes (some stuff which isn’t always the best to see), but for most generic searches using site’s like gettyimages or jupiter you are overall pretty safe.

Search for ‘diversified’.

Google images: http://media.ebaumsworld.com/picture/tdb89/Diversity-3.png Gettyimages or jupiter: http://www.jupiterimages.com/searchResultsji.aspx

Before starting know what the brief asks’ of you. Eg: I’m searching for an image using the key word ‘diversified’. Diversity for my brief covers: manufacturing, retail and roof & beverages.

A guide to image searching:
Step 1: http://www.jupiterimages.com or http://www.gettyimages.com (and yes there are many others)
Step 2: Search ‘diversity’ with RF selected.
Think hmmmm that isn’t right? How can a cereal bowl work for a financial institution like CBA?
Step 3: Let’s try searching within the results so far for ‘business’
Ok now things are looking better. hmmmm 16,773 images to choose from. The next hour is going to be AWESOME!!! Maybe we could refine the search even further?
Step 4: Let’s try searching further within the results for ‘corporate’
GREAT! Only 847 images to pick from now. I must be getting closer to the perfect image…
I have gone through 15 pages of images and none adhere to brand or answer my brief. Pooo
REPEAT steps 1 to 4 using new key words like ‘retail’ + ‘shopping trolley’ + row and try using thesaurus.com to help narrow down the search. 3 days later I have gone through over 30,000 + images and I’m only half way through…

and this is the photo it came up with:

Which brings us to Heath.

Heath won the 3×3 Helmet. For Rarely Gone B49. Heath’s a hard working lad.
Belinda seems just a little concerned, tho’ See the past helmet heros here.